Who can participate in Family Cross camp?

Everyone! We customise and tailor the program and activities to the participants. We have the family/group experience in focus and keep that in mind throughout the different activities.

What sets us apart from others?

Firstly, our program combine some great activities like functional training, hiking, surf and outdoor sports. We take the best from each and use them for the purpose of physical and mental development.

Furthermore, we are in a unique location of Ericeira which is surrounded by the Atlantic sea and amazing nature. Also close to Lisbon which gives you the opportunity to combine your stay with both sportive activitites and cultural events.

What about accommodation?

We are collaborating with local providers of accommodations. Our knowledge of the area helps us select the most suitable accommodation for you and within a reasonable price.

What is the activities program all about?

The program serves as an inspiration to start and maintain a more active and healthier lifestyle. All highly organised by us, providing you with an adventure for life in this stunning area of Portugal.

Where and when?

We are based in Ericeira, northwest of Lisbon and 30 min from Lisbon Airport. Ericeira is a very well-known surf destination and the only in Europe on the “World Surf Reserve” list. Ericeira is located in between many breath-taking beaches and is surrounded by beautiful nature. Family Cross Camp is open from March to December. But we are able to arrange specifc stays on request all year round.

why ericeira?

Ericeira is a cosy "fisherman" town and now also world-famous surf spot on the waterfront and in beautiful surroundings. It is logistically well connected to the airport and Lisbon and has a large variety of accommodation and dining open all year round. Furthermore, you have the mountainous terrain of Sintra, Mafra and Sierra de Montejunto in your “backyard”.

What's the weather like?

Ericeira and the Lisbon area have mild winters and long, sunny summers. The weather is perfectly suitable for outdoor activities and being in the nature. Due to its location on the Atlantic coast the summers are not too hot either.

What is included in Family Cross Camp?

  • Transfer from and to Lisbon airport to the chosen accommodation in the Ericeira area

  • Hiking trips to nearby national parks and family functional training sessions

  • Transfer to and from all activities during the weekly program (functional training, hiking, morning cardio, tours etc.)

  • Coaching and guidance in all the activities

  • A fully personalised excersise program adapted to the participants with focus on the family/group experience

  • Morning cardio

  • All necessary and statutory tourism insurance in Portugal

What is not included in Family Cross Camp?

  • Tourist tax and other local taxes

  • Meals

  • Individual travel and health insurance

  • Cancellation insurance

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