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our concept

Our business concept is centered around a collective level and targets families, couples, working groups or set of individuals. By integrating multiple activities for the diverse group, adults and children, we create programs that are challenging and FUN for all.

Whereas traditional functional training and cross-training (fitness workouts, crossfit) mostly focus on the individual level and separates between groups, we integrate your whole 'wolf pack' into multiple activities. You will navigate through physical and mental challenges, which will strengthen the family bond of your 'wolf pack.' Our training camps are a combination of functional cross training, cardio and body weight workouts by the beach, hiking, surfing and general team building.

All activities are designed to be completed by adults and children, and to challenge everyone. Family members will get to know each other in a new way. We want to create a framework of spending active holidays together and inspire you to new habits of more exercise in your daily life.

Portuguese landscape

our activities


Sunrise, waves crashing and the refreshing smell of sea water.. Start off the day with a revitalising early morning beach run!


Surfing is a great physical and mental activity. Combine the unique experience of being in harmony with the ocean and improve your courage to challenge the powerful waves.

functional training

Functional training is perfect for activating the whole body with shorter exercises that focuses on both conditioning, strength and gymnastics.


Explore the local nature while improving your endurance and breathing fresh mountain air. Perfect for balancing the work load from functional training and our hiking routes can be adjusted in length and difficulty.

Weekly prices (Accommodation+Activity program)*

We are currently collaborating with the awesome "Golden Villas", the cozy "Ericeira Soulsurfers Guesthouse" and the luxurious "You and the sea", all in Ericeira. It gives YOU the unique opportunity to choose the accommodations that fits your needs and budget. All to favourable Family Cross Camp prices!

ur weekly program includes hiking trips to nearby national parks, morning cardio by the beach, functional training sessions, the possibility of surf, SUP, MTB and much more. All tailored to YOU. We provide YOU with options, and YOU choose what activities to do.

Also included is the transfer from and to Lisbon airport (to accommodations in Ericeira/Mafra area) and all the activities.

* There can be additional fees on specific activities and events.

Weekly prices LOW season (Accommodation 7 nights+Activity program)*

"Golden Villas"

299 € per person
149 € per child (up to 10 years old)

"Ericeira Soulsurfers"
299-399 € per person
149 € per child (up to 10 years old)

"You and the Sea"
399-599 € per person (depending on the type of apartment and number of persons)
199 € per child (up to 10 years old)

Weekly prices HIGH season (Accommodation 7 nights+Activity program)*
"Golden Villas"

499 € per person
249 € per child (up to 10 years old)

"Ericeira Soulsurfers"
499-599 € per person
249 € per child (up to 10 years old)

"You and the Sea"
599-899 € per person (depending on the type of apartment and number of persons)
299 € per child (up to 10 years old)

*There can be limited availability in certain periods*

The activities "Menu"

Functional training

At Crossfit Boarland in Mafra:

- Kids workout
- Family workout
- WOD (workout of the day)
- Personal training
- Competition classes


Experience the beatiful nearby nature:

Tapada National Park in Mafra (suited for all ages, especially smaller children)
- Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais (various routes and difficulty levels)
- Serra de Montejunto (beautiful mountain raising to 666 m of alt.)

Water activities

Ericeira is the "capital" of  surf  in Europe and the only on the World Surf Reserve list. If you want to experience surfing - Ericeira is the right spot!

- Surf (experience the 6 km coastline of World Surf Reserve beaches)
- SUP (Stand up paddle)
- Bodyboard (especially suited and fun for smaller children!)

Other sports activities

The surrounding area is both beautiful and challenging and is ideal for various types of sports:

- Trail and beach run
- Cycling
- Skate (There is a skatepark in Ericeira, uniquely suited for the children)
- Beach workouts

Culture & Events

Lisbon area is nearby and offers a large variety of experiences:

- Belém
- Lisbon Historical Centre
- Concerts
- Football matches (The great teams of Benfica and Sporting CP)
- Shopping
- Beach of Carcavelos
- Cascais

Other possible activities

- Paragliding
- Winetasting
- Golf
- Obidos Castle
- Dirtbike/ATV tours
- Motorbike tours
- And much much more...

Activities For kids

- Surf
- Kids and Family functional training
- Bodyboard
- Skate
- Waterpark
- Hike
- Gokart
- And much much more.....

how we incorporate functional training

The aim is to work with the whole body and particularly some more challenging movements that can help you develop your skills, muscles and strength. Several exercises are used to develop and strengthen the whole body and most often involve abdomen and back muscles.

By simulating movements from our daily lives, e.g. when we lift something from the ground or lift things above our heads and incorporate those in our workouts, we stimulate and strengthen several muscle groups at once. In other words, we do not work with isolated muscle groups, as when using a leg machine or similar.

The performed training in Family Cross Camp also does not have to involve weight lifting but can be adjusted to individual level and combined with some gymnastic on the bar (e.g. pull ups, light swings on the bar) or body weight exercises (jumps, squats pushups etc.).

Our functional training consists of some repetitive and moderately heavy lifting for adults, and endurance and development of motor skills for kids.

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